We are non-profit, voluntary citizens' group which is organized on a local and national level. We are engaged in spreading awareness/ provide Aid to economically weaker with regards to Legal Rights, Education, Health & Employability. We try to enhance the level of Training and engaged in devising innovative strategies, customizing for each issue this country faces in the field of education, health & various opportunity of employment


We envision a country where all people – even in the most remote areas of the country – hold the power to create opportunity for present and future generations through mutual faith, trust, quality education and morality to cherish a healthy and peaceful society


Our mission is to empower meritorious children /youths from economically weaker community by providing them quality education, health care support, skills, engaging them through quality training/assistance to become self-reliant by engaging / facilitate them through various means to achieve their true potential

Our values & Principles

We believe in creating opportunities with minimum costs and maximum efficiency

We believe in connecting ourselves with people & understand their concerns, their core competencies skill and empower them through capacity building.


We shall be accountable for commitments made to all our participants and shall maintain transparency in our operation


We believe that every individual must demonstrate the willingness to share one's fortunes with those deprived of opportunities


Social Sector, Government Scheme and Youth Empowerment

1. To Establishment and operate institutes for Economic, Social, Cultural, Educational and overall development of Society.
2. To make self-employment scheme for scheduled caste, Schedule Tribes, Backward and weaker sections and to organise separate academic coaching for the weak students.
3. To implement various government schemes and projects for social welfare, such as Dumb, Deaf, Disabled and Mentally weak children, youth of Scheduled caste, Scheduled Tribes, backward classes, poor school children, and destitute girls and youth.
4. To make arrangements for free Hostel, Food, Clothes, self-reliant Building and construction of hostels on no profit-loss concept.
5. Establishment and creation of recreation or Rehabilitation Centres for the Old Aged, where full facility and freedom for entertainment and education are provided.
6. To make arrangement for eradication / treatment of addicts of diseases like Bidi, cigarettes, Tobacco, Pan-Masala, Ganja, Bhang, smack, LCD or any other type of intoxication.
7. To create awareness to eliminate the sense of voluntary sentiment such as blind faith, Child Marriage, Dowry Practice, Child Exploitation, Child Labour, Women’s Exploitation, Gender Discrimination, Untouchability, Caste Untouchability from the Society.
8. To encourage different types of sports such as Yoga, gymnastics, judo, karate, kabaddi and other urban and traditional sports and arrange training, competition at each level and also make efforts for government funding.
9. To provide Drinking Water, Toilets, Drains, Road construction, Khardanja, Pitch, Parks, Camps and Buildings for the development of villages and cities with the help of Government.
10. Make available to the persons living below the poverty line from the low cost received by the government and non-government organizations.
11. To operate Government programs such as DUDA (District Urban Development Agency) and SUDA (running Urban Development Agencies).
12. Implementing all those schemes subsidized by the State Government or the Government of India for social welfare and being organise through various departments and NGOs.

Education Health and it’s Awareness

1. Promotion / dissemination of Education, Knowledge and awakening consciousness in the general public and making them self-reliance through meaningful employment generation and training.
2. Establish and operate Primary, Junior High School, Intermediate, Graduate and Post Graduate Colleges for overall development of youngsters and students.
3. Arrangement of training / Awareness / Survey / literature etc. to eliminate Discrimination based on Gender, Untouchability, Religion and sect, devastating feelings.
4. To establish college for Promotion / Upgradation of Education i.e. General Education, Technical / Law etc in any area of the country.
5. Setting up of Kid Care, Nursery, Primary Schools and Degree and PG Colleges and construction of housing and procession house in compound for the source of income.
6. To organize coaching centres for the preparation and admission in different categories of competitive exams such as Medical, Engineering, Polytechnic, Bank, PCS, IAS for the weak students in different classes in the academic field and nurturing the institution from the income earned through this .
7. To Implement child education, health and immunization, drinking water, sanitation, population growth, family welfare schemes and hand pipe arrangement with the help of various government and non-government schemes through awareness / training / camp support etc.
8. Establishment of family welfare commerce centre and organizing blood donation camps along with awareness / training of drug / kit distribution and its use in the field of family growth, population growth control, family planning, vaccination in the area of family welfare.
9. Provide prizes, scholarships to meritorious students, poor students, helpless students.
10. To make the beggars, slum huts and slum dwellers in rural and urban areas aware about housing, food, drinking water, health training and social awareness and providing better facilities to them.

Women Empowerment

1. In each scheme of the organization, women will be given proper representation in accordance with their qualifications and in case of non-availability of candidates, the seats can be filled by male candidate.

2. To Establish Women’s Protection Home / Widow Rehabilitation Centre and arranging government assistance for them.
3. Measures for poor people, especially women’s legal, social, economic or medical facilities or assistance.

Health Assistance and Awareness

1. Establishment of family welfare commerce centre and organizing blood donation camps along with awareness / training of drug / kit distribution and its use in the field of family growth, population growth control, family planning, vaccination in the area of family welfare.
2. To provide information and facilities for prevention / control / awareness / treatment of diseases like AIDS, TV, cancer, malaria, polio, hepatitis and to set up dental colleges, medical colleges, medical / paramedical schools and training centres for the benefit of general public.
3. Surveying and identifying and helping people and villages affected by natural calamities such as cholera, plague, starvation, flood, fire, dry, famine, cyclone, earthquake. Training for the rescue and future strategies from natural calamities.
4. Provision of free medicines and hospitals for the protection and nutrition along with the care of unavoidable, helpless animals and sick animals, especially dogs and cows / for management of animals and cows. To prevent illegal killing of restricted animals, to organize animal fairs to awaken love for animals.
5. Arrangement of Mobile Emergency Ambulance / Vans for carrying out road / train / bus accident’s injured persons, pregnant women, sick, helpless older persons, pregnant women to the nearest hospital or from hospital to another hospital to facilitate immediate convenience.

Training and Capacity Building

1. To Establish, Manage centres for various types of Occupational Training such as Sewing, Embroidery, knitting, painting, screening, electronic wireman, diesel and motor mechanics, motor winding, radio and TV training, short hand, computer, fine art, music, besides cookery / baking and mushroom industry, diet training etc. To make the youth self-reliant. Provide facilities for training hall, library, study room, hostel, food, clothing, medicines, playground etc as per their requirement.
2. To organise training of food processing such as jams, jelly, marmalade, pickle, ketchup and other fruit protection.
3. To organize different types of other useful training such as Handicrafts, Cultural Programs, Cooking, Art, Essay, lectures and sports competition for the youth and rewarding the winning participants.
4. To motivate / Educate / train and make the youth resourceful for information, prevention, vaccination of dairy, silk, beekeeping, duck keeping and its related diseases to promote domestic rural industry and make the youth self-reliant.
5. To organize the skill development program of the government for the benefit of needy.
6. To Send talented students/ Trustee / President or any person who works in the interest of the trust for capacity building in the field of Contemporary Technology, Language, History , Indian Culture and Education in India and abroad.

Community Development and self-employment

1. To promote community development program and to establish the consultation centre, marriage house, Dharamshala, accessible toilets, medical centre, library, playground, yoga training centre, Anganwadi, drama, stage, training institution as needed.
2. Implementing all Public schemes related to Khadi Gram Udyog Board and reaching out to the people for self-employment of all types of financial assistance/ grant from the Board.
3. To Provide financial assistance to any other government and non-governmental or NGOs, associations, trusts and cooperate in their activities, whose objectives are similar to our trust .

Agriculture and Environment

1. To use the new scientific technology to promote the agriculture industry, to inspire / educate and train them by growing new ones and providing them information about diseases related to them, or by organizing camps of common people and farmers for drug and safety. Simultaneously, to provide proper value to agricultural products. Train and benefit farmers through oilseeds, pulses, sustainable agricultural programs.
2. Promote Vermi compost and greens vegetable dissipation and make people aware of the harm caused by chemical fertilizers.
3. To implement various projects for the development of barren and underground land, non-conventional energy sources, environmental protection, protection of water and other natural resources.
4. To take effective steps in creative direction to educate and educate youth about the information, control / control of climate, soil and noise pollution.
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